Bhringraj Herb
A distinguished medicinal herbs used in Ayurvedic preparations, Bhringraj is predominantly used for treatment of hair loss, lacklustre and lifeless hair and premature greying. Known as False Daisy, Bhringraj extracts are used to make liver tonics and is especially rejuvenating for the hair.

It is mainly used as an ayurvedic tonic for hair care. It is a small annual plant found in wet land throughout India. All the parts of the plant are used for medicinal preparations. It is used for the treatment of devitalized hair. Bhringraj is used along with other herbs such as amla, shikakai as a hair rinse and conditioner. It is also used with oils such as coconut oil and sesame oil for the preparation of hair oils for conditioning oil treatment. Bhringraj oil when massaged on to the scalp, gives a calming effect and promotes a good sleep.

One of the very common home remedies in India for hair fall is a preparation of the Bhringraj leaf juice boiled with sesame or coconut oil. Bhringraj extracts are believed to be a potent treatment for weak and brittle hair and can give hair a dark and luxuriant color. Hair tonic prepared from amla, brahmi and bhringraj is well known in India as Amla Bhringraj oil, which is said to blacken and add volume to hair.

Bhringaraj helps in strengthening nails, bones, teeth and enhances the dull complexion. Known to support the healthy functioning of the liver and lungs, Bhringraj extracts assist in concentration and invigoration of memory, eyes and ears.