boswillia herb capsules
A gummy resin of the boswellia tree, the plant is native to India and has been extensively used in the traditional practices of Ayurveda.

Latest studies show that Boswellia possesses certain active anti-inflammatory ingredients, which are commonly referred to as boswellic acids. In animal studies, Boswelllia was observed to significantly reduce inflammation. The herb prevents inflammatory white cells from infiltrating damaged tissues. They are also known to improve blood flow to the joints.

A study conducted at the Department of Medicine, Medical College Jammu, in India evaluated patients with chronic colitis characterized by vague lower abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, diarrhea and tender colon. Thirty patients suffering from these symptoms were included. Twenty patients were given a preparation of the gum resin of Boswellia while the other ten patients were given Sulfasalazine, a common pharmaceutical drug used to treat colitis. At the end of 6 weeks, seventy percent of patients treated with Boswellia gum resin went into remission while in case of Sulfasalazine, the remission rate was forty percent.

Boswellia supports the overall flexibility of the body & provides a sense of well being. It further contributes to the healthy functioning of the joints. The herb also acts as COX-2 inhibitors and alleviates inflammation and pain without affecting the gastric mucosa. It soothes the joints and also assists in treating levels of synovial fluid, thereby lubricating the joints and making movement easier. Boswellia is also known to support normal respiratory function.