Ayurvedic teas

Rooted in the ancient tradition and philosophy of Indian medicine, the concept of Ayurvedic teas ushers in a unique dimension of well-being and freshness to counter the stress, grime and health concerns associated with the modern lifestyle. Aromatic, relaxing and brimming over with the goodness of nature, a whole array of herbal brews have been made available in the market. With Ayurveda gaining popularity in recent times, people are more inclined to show faith in natural herbs than in prescription drugs. Catering to the growing demands for health food and beverages, Ayurvedic teas not only tantalize the taste buds, but they also promise a host of health benefits minus the side-effects and toxins of allopathic drugs.

Ayurveda literally stands for the ‘Science of life’ and the ‘The secret for longevity’. An ancient medicinal practice that originated in India roughly 5000 years ago, this traditional principle of healthy living has been gaining ground and recognition steadily over the years, not only indigenously but also in the West. Ayurvedic teas are believed to empower the body, mind and spirit, enhance the functioning of bodily organs and most importantly, balance the 5 elements of the body through the therapeutic properties of natural herbs. The herbal concoctions invigorate the body and cleanse the system of toxins and impurities. Mild in taste and aromatic, Ayurvedic teas do not merely energize the body, but heal the mind and soul as well.