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Chlorophyll Drops 2 Oz.

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  • Helps detox; supports the liver's natural ability to remove toxins*
  • Natural deodorant; helps neutralize bad odor from the body*
  • Powerful antioxidant; keeps your immune system healthy year - round*
  • Helps sooth skin inflammation and promotes healthy skin*
  • Boosts metabolism; supports healthy appetite and weight loss*
  • Concentrated chlorophyll (as sodium copper chlorophyllin) from mulberry leaf extract.
  • Extra strength, natural peppermint flavor. 2 fl oz, 120 servings.

Get to know Liquid Chlorophyll

Packed with vitamins and minerals, nutrient dense liquid chlorophyll can help enrich your wellness journey. Chlorophyll supports the liver's natural ability to remove toxins and waste from the body and keeps your digestive system healthy. It also helps ease gas and occasional constipation, provides a gentle cleans and promotes bowel regularity. Liquid Chlorophyll is also known to act as an internal deodorant that helps to neutralize or eliminate bad odor from your breath and body. Chlorophyll is also an excellent source of Vitamins A,C, E, and K. It is a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals and helps ease oxidative stress. Chlorophyll supports oxygenation, energizes cells, boosts energy levels and keeps your immune system healthy year-round. Several studies indicate that chlorophyll may also be effective in certain skin conditions, such as those with acne prone or sun damaged skin. It is also known to help soothe inflammation and promote healthy skin. Liquid Chlorophyll has also been discussed as a possible way to boost metabolism, suppress appetite, lessen cravings and support healthy weight management.

Chlorophyll as ' Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin'

Supplements are a more effective way to add chlorophyll to your diet. This is because chlorophyll obtained from food sources may not survive digestion long enough for absorption. Chlorophyll supplements are actually chlorophyllin, a water soluble derivative of natural chlorophyll that contains copper and is better absorbed by the body.

Why choose Sandhu's Liquid Chlorophyll?

  • Sandhu's 100% natural 'liquid chlorophyll' makes for a healthy green supplement that can strengthen and enhance your dietary regimen.
  • Our forumulation features concentrated 'liquid chlorophyll' (from mulberry leaves) in a dropper solution that easily mixes with water.


Formulated using 'Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin' a water soluble derivative of natural chlorophyll (from Mulberry leaves) that is better absorbed by the body. Other ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Purified Water, Peppermint Oil. No additives, artificial fillers or binders.

Quality is our top priority. At Sandhu's we use the best technology to deliver an exceptionally pure line of cutting edge, standardized, nutritional supplements with a pharmaceutical-grade commitment to quality and as close to nature as possible.

Adults: Add about 15 drops (0.5ml) to a glass of water. The mint flavored formulation will further help add a pleasant sensation of freshness to your drink.

Caution: Consult your health care provider prior to the use of ‘Liquid Chlorophyll Drops, if you are pregnant or nursing, taking medications, or have a medical condition. Suitable for adult use only. Keep out of the reach of children.

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-Verified Buyer

Great quality and arrived quickly

Very concentrated, seems to work for my digestive issues. I feel less bloated and more energetic throughout the day, my skin looks great since I started using this product. I’ve recommended it to my friends and family.And will continue to order it.

-Verified Buyer


Yummy taste!