About Our Company


With a history of over 15 years serving our customers with Premium Quality Health Products, our Mission remains to “Help You Stay Healthy and Feel Great”!

Integrating the principles of traditional medicine with modern science, we have developed health supplements as close to nature as possible. We also offer clinically-studied herbal formulations and certified USDA organic herbs.

At Sandhu Herbals we adopt the best of sustainable agricultural practices, latest extraction methodologies, scientific formulation approaches and dosage strategies to ensure purity, efficacy and consistency in all our product lines. Whenever available, our products are made with non-GMO and USDA organic ingredients.

Our wide range of quality health care products is supplemented with the best of E-commerce platforms to ensure complete satisfaction, safety and security to our customers. We thank you for your continued support in our journey and assure to offer you the best of products in a healthy shopping environment.